Welcome to the Antique United Gasoline Engine Registry website!


Welcome to the Antique United Gasoline Engine Registry.  My main objective is getting the known engine serial numbers ,history, and types of United engines recorded, for posterity. I collect the old engines myself, mainly the Associated line. I was contacted about a 6hp United, and the more I searched the less I found, and that is in GEM, the Internet , and anywhere I could. I was contacted by Dick Webber on Smokstak .com about doing a registry for the United Engines. He has done research for over 10+ years and knows more than I probably will forget. I at first didn’t want to take this on, then my neighbor, Rick Weihert tells me,,  I can do that  and from just the little I have seen so far, this is a NEW World to me, IT will be a different site than most, so here we are. The following is a letter Dick Webber sent me on the types, trips, known serial numbers, and other info he has gathered for over 10+ years and we are putting it  into a website. It will be a time consuming  job for sure and at first errors here and there, but in time I hope to have some unique info, and viewing, thanks to  Dick Webber, Rick Weihert , and YOU, the United Engine owner, for providing your serial number, pictures ,videos, and Harry at, for the site he has or this wouldn’t be possible ,a awesome site for the Iron addicts!! Look in the CONTACT US section on how to submit photos ,videos, advertising, and anything UNITED Gas Engine Co Lansing Michigan related. The more we can gather the better the site will be and a more clear picture of United Engine history, as everyone knows there is not much known about the United Gas Engine Co. Lansing, MI.

Enjoy, Rich Mueller Sr.